Available at our Galesburg Location


RESUME MONDAY, JULY 26. We serve lunch Monday – Friday at 11:30 in our dining room at our Galesburg location, but NOT YET at our locations in Victoria and Abingdon.  To learn more, visit our Meals page.


Contact the main office number at (309)342-1152 to fill out an intake and a meal risk-screening form. You must be 60 or over. There is currently a waiting list, but you will be contacted to start receiving the meals at home. The suggested donation is $5 per meal. You will still receive meals if unable to donate.  (Clients will be billed monthly for their donation. )


Certified counselors are available to help with Medicare enrollment and plan selection.  All of our counselors have been trained in Medicare policies and can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your coverage options. More on the new SHIP Counseling page.



Clients who qualify for Options Counseling will be contacted by our caseworker here at the VNA. Those who do qualify and have been contacted by our caseworker will have monthly additional follow up calls, home visits, etc. Options Counseling is a case-by-case basis and more information will be given by the caseworker when clients who qualify are contacted.



Learn about our 18-piece center on our Fitness page.



We offer support and information for grandparents caring for their grandchildren and adult children caring for their parents. Programs, respite providers, services and links to available financial assistance are available in our office.



The client must be 60 and older or disabled to qualify for Incontinency Products through the VNA.
Our products here are in partnership with Loving Bottoms but are geared toward seniors at this facility.
Clients who are needing Incontinency Products should call the main number at (309)342-1152 to fill out an intake.
Since the office is closed, clients will then schedule a meeting time with our caseworker to pick up their products.

Meal Service is provided based on a suggested donation.

No individual will be denied service due to their inability to pay the suggested donation.

Benefit Access:

Here is a convenient summary of getting access to VNA benefits


  • 65 or older or under 65 and totally disabled
  • Income less than $33,562 a year for 1 in the household
  • Income less than $44,533 a year for 2 in the household
  • You have not started the application process yourself

Application Process:

  • The VNA is currently closed to face-to-face appointments
  • To apply for BA please put the necessary information into our drop box
  • If you have a spouse, please include his/her information as well
  • The drop box is located just inside our front entrance and is labeled
  • Include COPIES of the following information into an envelope with your contact information:
    • A copy of your total income from the year 2019 for the household (Social Security, SSI, Railroad, etc.)
    • Typical forms we look for include: (1040, 1099, W2, etc.)
    • A copy of a valid driver’s license of the person/people receiving the sticker discount
    • A copy of your social security card(s)

Callback Process:

  • Caseworkers will collect items from the drop box every Tuesday and Thursday
  • After applying for you, the caseworkers will call with one of three replies:
    • The application was denied
    • The Department on Aging needs additional forms
    • The application was accepted, and the discount was applied.