SHIP Counseling

Now is the Time

Counseling for Senior Health Insurance Plans (SHIP)

Open Enrollment is
October 15th – December 7th

Now is the time to:

  • Switch Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Join Medicare Part D
  • Switch from one Part D plan to another
  • Drop Medicare Part D coverage entirely

What to expect from your SHIP Counseling experience at VNA

First, call our office at 309-342-1152. Our administrative assistant will schedule your appointment with either Lew, Jackie, or Faye depending on their availability.*

Be prepared to give the beneficiaries’ name, address (including county) and phone number.

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID19 and the fact that we serve one of the more susceptible populations, our procedure this year has fallen to a “phone meeting” only model. We understand the frustration that this poses to our recipients; however, your safety as well as the safety of our volunteers and staff will always take precedence over all other matters. This is one way we can minimize the spread as well as to help ensure the health of our recipients and staff alike.

In order to take a proactive stance, we ask that all recipients fill out our MEDICARE PLAN FINDER WORKSHEET prior to their scheduled appointment and drop off at our office at least 1 day before said appointment in one of the designated dropboxes. Click the button below to get the worksheet.

*It is also possible to schedule a Skype or Zoom session if the person feels tech savvy enough for the endeavor. More details can be given when the appointment is being scheduled.

VNA Community Services is in no way affiliated with any insurance agencies. We are simply here to give a person the ability to choose thoughtfully with an educated decision. Our certified SHIP counselors will not suggest what plan is best for you, but rather show you all the possibilities to choose from. is an invaluable tool and it is possible for a person who has an internet connection and computer to follow along during the process if they so choose.