Fitness Center

We’re never too old or too out of shape to find some kind of benefit in joining New Age New Image Fitness Center!

Most of us don’t get enough exercise, yet, lack of exercise and poor eating habits, taken together, are the  second largest underlying cause of death in the United States.   Regular exercise can improve some diseases and disabilities in older people who already have them.  It can improve mood and relieve depression too. Staying physically active on a regular basis can help prevent or delay certain diseases (like heart disease and diabetes) and  disabilities as people grow older.

New Age New Image is geared toward the senior population.  New Age New Image has 18 pieces of state of the art equipment for strength and cardiovascular training. As part of your initial cost you get a one hour session with the therapist from Azer to introduce you to the machines and assist you in setting up an individualized work out plan.